Friday, April 13, 2012

L - Life

Life is such a big thing, it i also a broad subject. Because life is so much, it has different meninges and the term it self is used in so many ways. Both in positive and negative, such as "Get a life!" and "I feel like I am truly alive". The thought of the word life in my mind, often leads to the stream of thoughts/questions "what do I want out of life?" , "do I live my life to the fullest?"  and "am I really happy or is it all just superficial nonsense?".

I dare to say that I am probably not the only person on earth to have these thoughts.  
I see these thoughts as self discovery and a way to make life goals for my self. Sometimes when I am sitting in class, spacing out, I suddenly think of all of those things I want out of life ,and what I want to do before I am no more. It's often about traveling, seeing Paris, not just as a tourist, but as a well known visitor, because I am a lover of the art. My latest new found life goal is to be a part of the "pantsless subway ride" in New York, that occurs every year in January. Think of how cool would it be, to step over that boundary you may or may not have,  and make way for a new unique experience you hopefully will look back on, all of your life with a smile on your face?  Why not try to do these crazy things?

Off course there can be a lot of arguments of reason against it, but if you make it simple and think to your self "wouldn't it just be fun?"
For me the answer will always be yes!

And with that I will leave you , hopefully given you a little weird something to think about.
(or maybe not)

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  1. I've thought about doing the polar bear plunge on New Years Day but am too chicken. lol