Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I - Impressions

Today I went to the National Gallery of Denmark, I had never been there before(I was very confused) and while I was there I wrote down some thoughts.

The old entrence in the National Gallery of Denmark.
Now set in a new extension.

I feel as if museum is like a library, you can't say much, you can only learn and watch. It's custom to whisper and not talking loud is an unwritten  rule. It is where new is smashed together with old.

At times art is weird and incomprehensible, other times it can both be deep, meaningful and beautiful on the same time.

Asger Jorn painting

Art is to be interpreted the way you see it and it may not necessary be what the artist thought, for instance take this painting by Asger Jorn, if you look into it what do you see? I wont spoiled it for you, by telling what I see. You must see more then just colors?

Art can leave impressions, sometimes good sometimes bad.

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