Monday, May 21, 2012

Finally Summer

The long waited heat of summer and spring at last came to little Denmark. When I stepped outside today, finished after 5 hours of this years English annual examination, the rays of the sun hit my pale body and made me wish, I had worn something else then my long black pants. The sun made me thank myself for the casual tank top, I had felt like wearing this morning, saving me from the 23 degrees of heat. It made me sweaty and today was a bad day to be sweaty. This morning I had forgotten to use deodorent and under the heat of the sun, I did not smell good. Despite the sweat the sun will always beautiful and make one happy.

Sitting here, my inside my room, instead of outside makes me a little sad. I would like to have a bigger garden. A garden you could actually sit in but no, my garden is like a flower; closed, savage and just something to look at.

I really wish summervacation would start today, so I can fully enjoy the sun. The sun that so rarely makes an apperence in Denmark. I would sit in my hoilday home, looking out at the water, feeling the wild wind in my face, finally able to breahe again for yet another year.

I'm very much looking forward to it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Light my cigarette?

This is a kind of Flashback Friday, a thing from Lost and Found that I thought would be fun to try.
Short recap: it is about writing a memory from the past, on Fridays.

I have been a casual/social smoker for about 2½ years on/off. Know, that I decided to quit, and I'm finding it harder, then I thought it would be. It would be easier if I wasn't clubbing every weekend; a smoker in all corners of the night club or outside, a cigarette offered. I feel like I can't say no. I don't want to, but I have to. The thing that holds me back and make me say no every time is the thought of maybe one day, it's not a choice to smoke, it's an addiction.

Sometimes I wish, I never had smoked that first horrible tasting cigarette, but then I think of all the funny memories I have with a cigarette in my hand, laughing with my friends or a kind stranger.

This makes me think back to a party I attended in 2010. I wanted to smoke so I went outside. I ended up in a shed, with a two people.
One was my girl friend and another was a guy, I went to school with. We lighted some cigarettes and had a very deep conversation. It was a conversation with a person I knew and a person I didn't knew. That night, in that shed, we where all friends and confidants. The guy talked about him feeling, that he wasn't himself when in school, in front of his friends and we where amazed, because this guy that sat in front of us - smoking like he swore he would never do - was a totally different person, apart from the person we knew from school.

Maybe it was the alcohol, the cigarette or the atmosphere of it all; he was never himself, besides that night.

That is my Flashback Friday memory.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Moving on to a new month

It's a new month and therefore a new start. I didn't finish A-Z, but I to got get over it and move on. There will be a new A-Z next year and I'm already looking forward to it.

Moving on:

Life right now feels both hard and awesome. Hard because of the responsibilities I have taken on my self and awesome, because of the benefits of becoming 18.
I love, finally being able to go a night out in the city with my friends and having a blast. It's a sad thing, that you in America have to be 21 to do that or try to buy fake IDs..

My thoughts is quite empty now.

Have a great day, I'll try to make something good with the rest of mine besides facebook.