Awesome books

Here I will be adding some of my favorite books, some I think is a must read!

Romeo and Juliet
- Simply because of the great story, the fantastic lines and the sad ending, where it is okay that they didn't get each another in the end, like every other love story.

The Fault In Our Stars
- No words can describe how wonderful and amazing this book is. It will take you places and give you thoughts you would never have had, if you had not read this book. That is the only way i can describe it, yet it is not comprehensively enough.

- It's alternative, beautiful and so amazingly different written from other books.  It's sad shit, that it's not sold in Denmark, because this book is on my top 5 of favorite books.

There are more and I will add later.

Just want to add a little note, this is not a advertisement it's just a reader sharing some of her favorite books, so others can have the joy of reading them(I just want to make people aware).