Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C - Colors of her soul; Poem Tuesdays

Usually her on my blog, I have something called "Poem Tuesdays" something which I would like to continue with through the A to Z Challenge. Maybe it will challenge me to read something I might not have read.

This poem has originality no title, so I just made one up from the first sentence of the poem.
I hope you like the poem. My favorite part is the last two lines, what are yours?

Colors of her soul

Colors has she in her soul
Dusky gold and green and white

So if eyes peer out to see
Rain a-slanting down the street
Washing though the colonnade
Let us smile and say that she
Paints in green

Rain a-slanting down the street
By the first lamps of the nights
Overhead the willows meet
Bells from hidden places toll
(Colors has she in her soul
Dusky gold and green and white)

Hurried dots upon the day
Little figures scurry by

By F. Scott Fitzgerald

P.S: Thanks for all the nice comments, it's really motivating and it kind of makes my day a little better!


  1. Love the last two lines too. Nicely written.

  2. Which means "Hurried dots"?