Thursday, April 5, 2012

E - Eighteen

So in about two weeks I become 18 years old. That both makes me exited and nervous. Being 18 means more responsibility, but also more freedom since I become legally adult. I will be able to vote, drive a car, go to a club and a bar, drink way to much vodka(yuk!), buy cigarettes and move out.

I would like to move out and go to a club. I have mixed feelings about learning to drive and vote. I'm a socialist, but I have not clue about what the the politicians are doing at the moment. All i know is that I like our welfare society, despite out high taxes.

Moving out costs money and I don't have them.

Becoming 18 also mean that it's even more impotent to get a job then before, the difference between before and after, is that it's harder because now they have to pay you more money and they want you to have an education before you come work for them. That's not fair for the students.

The biggest difference for me will probably be that I have to pay for everything my self. On the bright side I will learn have to juggle a budget, so when the day comes and I can afford to move out, I will know how to handle a budget

I can't wait!

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  1. Happy birthday--early! The whole world--before you...waiting. :-) One little step at a time. You have all your life to accomplish things. :-)