Wednesday, April 18, 2012

O - Outcast

A very late O, but what the hell it want to finish this, late or not!
- My deadline is three days, the question is; can I make it?
In various  periods of my life I have been an outcast; a person without friends and I've perennially felt a little different from others. But there is nothing wrong about feeling that way.

Just because I have never been afraid to be myself and show it, it does not mean that I should feel different or weird. It's okay to be who you are and not change, for the shake of other unless you want to.

Recently I have undertaking a motto called "accept what you can't change,  change what you can't accept". Since I have begun living by those words things seem more simple and decisions about change, easier to make.

Though you can't decide whether you are an outcast or not, you can try changing it even though it's probably really hard. Try to approach some new people, some you maybe never would have thought about approaching otherwise. I know it's hard, when you are an outcast it's rarely by choice and often you are a shy person (I am), but trying is what matters. What matters even more is what you think about yourself, because people will come and go, in the end it's yourself you have to live with all of your life. I know that and now you know it too and hopefully that will help you.

Knowing that and that I have had those bad experience's in my life have made me stronger as a person..

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  1. I love being different, it's better than being normal.