Saturday, April 14, 2012

M - Memories

Memories is nostalgia. When you from time to time think back on an event in your life, it can bring both joy and sadness.

I like to be able to think back on all the great things I have done, by myself or with my friends.

One of my favorite memories to think back on, is a festival that is held every summer called Roskilde Festival. It really brings me and my boarding school friends together after a year of school and separation. I remembered that after it was over and all I had left of it was the memories and a wrist band, I smiled every time I looked at my left wrist.

That is one of my favorite memories, what are yours?


  1. When I first saw you are 17, I thought to skip to the next blog since I'm 71. But then I thought since I blog about memories from Sweden when I was about your age, it would be interesting to follow you and to learn what is on your mind. I'm from Stockholm, but I have lived in the US since 1962, currently retired in the mountains of California.

  2. Memories are great. When you're my age, it's fun to share those memories with the folks who were there at the time...that's where photos come in handy. We share more...'times' rather than specific events....oh we share those too.
    Keep blogging and writing.I'm visiting on the A to Z Challenge.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images