Monday, April 9, 2012

H - Home

The beautiful greenish spring landscape  is all around me and it welcomes me home. Because that is what it is, my home. It might be that I don't live here everyday, but it's still my real home.
If I ever lost it, I would be lost. Not knowing where to go.  My holiday home have always had that effect on me. If everything is shit, my holiday home is not.

It's like it's there for me.

When I came here today it was with the biggest real smile on my face. I was smiling because I feel genuinely happy, just seeing everything that is familiar to me. All my childhood memories. The atmosphere so peaceful and homey.

I think this is how everyone feel, when they have a place that isn't just a real place, but a place that will always be in your heart. When they have a place that's not perfect, but to you, it is the most amazing place on earth.

When it is your home.


  1. What a beautiful article. Thanks for sharing. Having a place to call home that you love is a wonderful thing.