Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Berlin: DAY2

Day 2 I came to understand how I truly suck at German. I mean, I don't even know how to say yes and no!
But I have been lucky, because if in the right neighborhood the Germans speak and understand English quite well, unless you are wandering around in the Asian/Turkish neighborhood, when I asked a girl about my age if she spoke English she answered "small" and indeed "small" it was.

Something I happily discovered was that Berlin has Starbucks. All over the place. I know nothing better than a caramel macchiato, which I so rarely has the chance to enjoy because Denmark only has two Starbucks, which both are located in Kastrup airport, so whenever travelling I always take the opportunity to go.

Another great thing I discovered today is a vegetarian fast food diner, Yellow Sunshine. The food was so delicious, that I definitely will return another night if I got the time.  I also went to see Checkpoint Charlie and the museum. The museum was sooo boring! Usually I really like museums, but there where so much to read and it would fit better in a book then on several walls in an old building. I hope that I one of these days in Berlin can find a art museum, because that's more my kind of museum, less text more paintings.

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