Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brunch for the vegetarian!

When becoming a vegetarian, people think they have to give a lot of things up. That thought is both right and wrong; sure you give up the meat and some of your favorite meals with it, but you get so much back. Becoming a vegetarian is like expanding your world of food. There is so much food I myself, would never have discovered if I hadn't become a vegetarian. Like this mornings brunch and even though is misses bacon, it's so much healthier and just as tasty.

I dont wan't to be this "ranting" vegetarian, because no one likes that, but think about it.


  1. I know this in 17 days late (I just started looking at my feeds again),
    but there an egg on that plate.
    Eggs came from chickens...

    1. I'm a ovo-lacto vegetarian and eat eggs, some vegetarians eat egs(not all). Vegans don't.