Monday, July 30, 2012

Berlin; DAY1

These two next weeks I'm out traveling, first in Berlin with my parents and after I'm going to wander the streets of my favorite city, Paris alone. I will try to write some posts while I'm there, even though I'm usually against using Internet while on vacation but I often feel inspired(like I did on Roskilde Festival) when I experience things and write about them, while I'm in the moment and the memories of the feelings is still fresh.

As we first arrive to Berlin, by car it's raining heavily. The city doesn't look much, but my expectations ain't high, so there is  room for improvement. Me and my family had gotten up early so we could go to a market, only held on Sundays and in the puring rain we walked.
The lady hands me a tray of some exotic looking food with salad. I hope she understood what i said, but by the looking of the food it's very likely she didn't. I'm standing in front of a Turkish food stand in the mauvetpark marked in Berlin. It's still raining, but that doesn't stop the shoppers or the other tourist from enjoying the interesting market, that both sells old beautiful lamps, freshly pressed orange juice, the beloved wurst and fabric.

I have been told that Berlin, is the place to when you are a vegetarian and tomorrow I will find out if that is true.

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