Friday, March 16, 2012

Don't know

Have you ever felt, that you doubted yourself?

Lately I have. I'm beginning to think that I'm taking the wrong education. That it's not my match. There is so many homework to read and papers to be written . I'm just not that person. I can't get myself together and use 5-7 hours of my life, just because I have a paper due. I have better things to to, more fun things. Things that I might care more about, than just schoolwork. Sure I like to go there and learn new stuff. I love learning new technical terms and being able not only to understand them, but use them in a sentence. It makes me feel intelligent. I mean who doesn't like to feel intelligent?

If I was rich, I could do anything I wanted. Instead of doing things, because I have to. I HAVE to take an education, that will be able to give me an income in the future.

Why can't I be the main character, from the movie "About a Boy"? He was rich and happy. Didn't need to do a thing. The downside of his life, is that he hadn't any friends at all.

If I had to choose between money and friends, friends would always be my choice. Because I know from past experience that without them, I would feel like shit.

That is why i probably will continue with this education, because how would I be able to keep contact with my current friends?

I don't know. Sometimes you simply just don't know.

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  1. I saw "About a Boy". There is such a powerful message there. The man tried to isolate himself from people and just lived to please himself. But he was lonely and his life had no meaning. When he started caring about others, that's when he found true joy...even at the risk of being hurt. Thanks for checking out my blog! Looking forward to the challenge!