Thursday, February 2, 2012

Very proud of Romeo and Juliet

I  have always been very proud that I in  a young age read "Romeo and Juliet" and I want to share the story of my first meeting with the awesome old play "Romeo and Juliet". So here it goes:

When I was 13 I wanted to read the famous play "Romeo and Juliet", by the even more famous and well known William Shakespeare. As the 13-year old reader I was I went to my local liberty. I asked the librarian, if she would help me find the book. She asked if I was not a bit too young ,to read Romeo and Juliet?

This confused me, because even though I was smart enough to want to read Shakespeare, I didn't understand why I was to young, to read this romantic tragic story, that you must read. Essentially, she would not give me the book, which made me even more confused and a little mad.

Anyway, after a while, maybe I became 14 (I don't remember), I still wanted to read Romeo and Juliet. So I went back to the library and there was a new librarian. It was a lot more easy this time. She just gave it to me, to read, love and disappear into.

Ever since that first time I read Romeo and Juliet, I never gave that book back to the library. Because I felt in love with the story and certain lines, which was said by Romeo and Juliet. I mostly love when Romeo's friend describes Romeo's feelings for Roselin, the torment and pain. How the music  hurts in his ears and etc.

The odd thing is that in the three years I have been borrowing this book, no one else has ever wanted to borrow it! It is sad that no one else beside me, is interested in old litterateur.

BUT! For about a month ago, the library suddenly thought I learnt that book for way to long and that they  wanted it back on their shelves to collect dust (the book was doing that on my shelf to, but It is a loving shelf!). But back to the book; no one has borrowed it yet, so I just borrowed it again. It will be my book for three years again, unless another 14 year old, think (just like my self for a few years ago) that you must read Romeo and Juliet.

That would be cool

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