Sunday, February 19, 2012


I've been reading a few blogs(actually a lot of blogs), and it seems that every blog has something. That red thread, you can see when you go through all the blog posts, that makes that blog special. For an example Gweenbrick does some reviews on toys, of course being funny about them. Given a second thought, I i don't read them. I read all the other funny stuff, even though he already got enough readers(400) I'll link to something funny, that me and my friend just laughed  really much of in our biology class. Someone was presting up on the board and we where just laughing so hard, trying to do it without a sound. They probely thought we laughed of them. That's kinda mean. But think about it, how can you find a presentation about condoms/ birth control funny? Those that sat behind me could not find an answer to that question. They could really not understand why we where laughing.

Sorry for the random ramble.

I think i want to do something like that. The red thread thing. Not the laughing of other people.

I will name it "Poem Tuesdays"
It will be a almost weekly thing, preferably every tuesday I will post a poem. Not that I read a lot of poetry, but I read shakespeare and sometimes I'm just going to post a good quote from a book.

Hmm, no last words today..

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