Friday, February 24, 2012

Berry Smoothie

It's time for the first blog post ever of the me trying to cook. Today we are going to make a simple berry smoothie, in only 6 very short and easy steps.

To make this delicius tasting thing you are gonna need:

1½ dl frozen blackberries
½ mixed berries (like blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant)
1 dl vanilla ice cream
A quarter of a can of coconut milk
Normal milk
3 tablespoons of sugar.
A blender, foodprossecer or a hand blender. Anything that will make this liquid.

With this recipe you don't need to be so specific. So if you have a thought about something to add to this recipe, give that thought life!
Btw if you don't like coconut milk don't worry, if you only use the amount on the illustration you should not be able to taste it. Cooking secret; cocconut gives a creamy taste!

I know what you are thinking; Why is the can purple? The answer to that is unknown, all i can tell you is that my can is purple. Now to the cooking.

1. Take out the barries and the ice cream from the freezer to let it cool down, you don't wanna ruin your blender.

2. When your berries are a little less frozen(but still frozen) put some of them in the blender, with some of the ice cream and a little bit of milk, about 2-3 tablespoons. If your blender is giving you trouble, put some more liquid is it, like some of the coconut milk.

I just now realised that I'm clearly not use to speaking kitchen.  Me and the dictionary are becoming very close friends.

4. When your done blending, you put the rest of the berries and the coconutmilk in your blender with the sugar.

5. More blending.

Hopefully at this point, all the stuff in the blender have turned into a smootie. If not, try adding some more liquid such as coconutmilk or regular milk.

6. If you now are sitting and drinking your own homemade smoothie, then congratulations you made yourself a smoothie!

Isn't it berry-tastic?

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