Monday, February 27, 2012

My mission and A-Z

So  have mentioned, that I a while ago joined the "Blogging from A to Z Challenge"?
Yes, no? Well i assume I have, but I will tell you about it anyways, just so I'm sure everybody knows what it is.

It is something every blogger can join. The concept is that you blog every day though all of April, except Sunday. As every day goes by, so does a new letter from the alphabet. Like the first day, the blog has to be about something that starts with an A, it can be writing, a photo or a recipe. The day after that, it has to start with something that starts with an B. Do you get the idea? Again I'm going to assume that you have. If you like to enter the challenge or read more about it, check out the website:

The time is near, and I'm getting nervous that I'm not going to be able to do it all the way. But I have to stay optimistic and believe that I can. I prepared by finding different subjects and even writing some posts beforehand, so I sometimes can get a day off.

What worries me most is those five days, where I have to go away on a study trip with my school to Brussels. I know I won't be able to write those days and I'm having a little hard time writing those five posts. I write in the moment, not after a schedule or a certain subject (even though I want to try).

I'm feeling this is going to be a long post, because this was not what I really wanted to write.

I wanted to write about my special mission within the blogging community.

Since I myself entered A-Z I have become aware of the name of my blog. "Yet another blog about life"  isn't really a interesting name, one where you think 'That sounds exiting, lets see what it is!'.
 But it is a name I like and believe in. The title says the truth "it's just another blog, but hey you might find it interesting and want to keep reading" as my friend said, when I told her the name of the blog.
Since my blog name isn't interesting, I have made it my mission to find blogs with "bad names" on the A-Z site and as a bonus, I don't want to read a blog with a lot of followers. Not because, the well read blogs are not good, but simply because I know there is so many blogs out there waiting for their first follower, or 10'th. And I want to be that follower. Also encouraging comments,  but I won't say something just to say it. I want to say it, because I mean it. My mission is probably the way it is, because I myself go under those criteria.

I hope you readers will give a small blog such as mine a chance, and thank you for giving me a chance.

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