Friday, June 29, 2012

An Introduction That Ended on a Sidetrack

You know, I have never really introdused myself?

Well, it's about time!

Hi! My name is Nellie, I'm a moody, kinda serious, yet funny eighteen year old teenager, that loves food and in the food catagory; mostly cheese, and broccoli is my, go to food(believe it or not!).

Now that we are talking food, I'm a vegetarian for reasons I'm still trying to articulate properly without accusing or offending anyone, so to explain my reasons I have a quote from The Fault In Our Stars(which you can read a little about here). When the maincharacter asked 'why no meat', she answered " I want to minimize the number of dealths I am responsible for" which by my standards, are the best answer to this date and it will also be mine until, I on my own, come up with something better.

I love to travel, actually I love it so much, that I have written a whole post about it! Which I will, post at the end of the month

As you can guess from this blog, I like to write. One day I aspire to become a auther even though, I will be the only one to know. I don't care if I won't be published, it's  the accomplishment that matters to me. The only person standing in the way, are myself and my astounding ability to procrastinate. Writing is not easy and hard stuff are hard.

It seems I got on a sidetrack, but it's okay because I think this is all you need to know, for know at least. If you want to know more about me and my everyday life, maybe you will find something out by reading some of my blog posts or trying to read between the lines.

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  1. I like the idea of writing a book even if it never gets published - it takes the pressure off of writing it a wee bit I think.

    Like with every lifestyle choice that people make (e.g. being a vegetarian) I respect it, even if I could never do it myself :)