Saturday, January 28, 2012

Waste of a weekend

Here I sit, in front of my computer. Sick, my head full of snot and my nose even more snotty.
The only thought I have is "what a waste of a weekend". I could have done so many fun stuff, but this cold just came in and interrupted my life.

My small break from school.

We all know it. It becomes cold outside and your nose start to run. That is just the start. The day after you sit/lie in your bed, unable to do anything else then blow your nose and watch television. Though I prefer playing sims, as the huge sims-nerd I am. I don't really think I helps me get well faster, playing sims. But when I have the time, why not stare at a screen of a game that stimulates the life you want to live when stuck inside of your own home?

This blog post is not very good. I just liked the headline with the alliteration.

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